At Peace by Piece Luxury Treatment Center, a fully-licensed and accredited rehabilitation facility privately tucked away in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains in California, we help individuals overcome their obstacles, whether they are dealing with physical, mental or emotional issues. At Peace by Piece, we cater to each unique situation in a very personalized way. Our team carefully assesses and designs each program and all our programs fit the unique needs of every individual who walks through our doors.

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We invite those suffering from addiction, obsessions, and all other psychological maladies or conflicts to our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles for the care and compassion they deserve. Many of our clients are not suffering from physical addictions—some are facing an emotional breakdown or an overload of stress. At Peace by Piece, compassionate and professional team members and staff guide their clients in a manner that enables him or her to heal and restructure the way they think, behave, and ultimately function as they embark on a new beginning.

What sets Peace by Piece apart from other rehabilitation and wellness centers in Los Angeles?

Our programs are never a “one-­size- fits-all.” We take only six clients at a time to ensure maximum, optimal care. So elite is our facility that a team of three attends to each client throughout their stay. And, we pride ourselves on providing a fully-professional and credentialed staff that consists of physicians, nurses, therapists, counselors and dietitians. 

What also distinguishes us from other drug and alcohol treatment centers is that our approach to wellness is not only practical, but holistic. We meld together ancient remedies with traditional ones. Each day, our clients enjoy the benefits of our freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices, all of which originate from the non-GMO/organic soil and seeds found in our on-site garden and our carefully planted trees and vines. As part of our extensive therapy program, clients are taught to plant, harvest and process their own fruits and vegetables—a major takeaway from our 30-day stay.  Our organic “from the inside out” wellness philosophy keys in on restoring the body’s intestinal tract with the good bacteria and healthy probiotics the body naturally craves. We place heavy emphasis on cleansing the gut and then restoring it to a healthy balance. 

Because our focus is on healing mind, body and soul, we also offer a number of recreational activities such as Yoga, music therapy, cardio exercise, meditation, massages and other “feel-good, live well” remedies.

Most importantly, our facilities are secure and secluded. A gate-guarded entry ensures just that, along with our state-of-the-art security systems.


Individualized Treatment

  • Complete Intake Assessment & Treatment Planning

  • Individualized or group therapy

  • Customized medication regimen / Mediation Management

  • Complete Detox Transitioning

  • 12-Step and non 12-Step Recovery Protocols

  • In-Depth Relapse Prevention


  • Substance Abuse Education

  • Additional Therapy Types (cognitive, behavioral, etc)

  • Advanced Treatment Approaches

  • Holistic Therapies and Regimens

  • Private Recovery & Life Coaching

  • Music Therapy

  • Neurofeedback

  • Sober-Life Integration Skills


  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Social Outings

  • Gym Membership/Exercise*

  • Yoga

  • Acupuncture*

  • Massage therapy

  • Nutrition guidance and supplements

Our Mission

Peace by Piece Treatment Center in Los Angeles dedicates itself to providing quality substance abuse treatment and mental health services. Our goal is to enhance the client’s quality of life and well-being. We understand the importance of treating each person with respect and dignity in the context of bolstering his/her values, beliefs and individuality.

We start with the notion that there is always potential for change.  That is the mindset we introduce and reinforce with all our clients. We guide them to recovery and wellness by having them start with a solid commitment—one that will enable them to reach their goals and follow their dreams. We pay particular attention to a client’s emotional, physical, and spiritual status. We chart their incremental growth as we guide them through their personal program in a timely manner.


Our philosophy: Keep treatment highly individualized.  At Peace by Piece, we believe that when an individual is empowered by strength, opportunity, and a clear vision, there is no limit to what a person can achieve.

We strive to go above and beyond the average drug and alcohol treatment facility with all our programs and with all our amenities. Our core principles embrace a holistic approach by incorporating and/or combining both Eastern and Western philosophies and remedies as we set about structuring a healthy, well-balanced mind, body and soul experience.


By incorporating a holistic approach, providing a homegrown organic nutrition plan, and believing in healthful living, we facilitate a full mind/body cleanse and rebuilding, enhancing the chances for a positive outcome and long-term drug and alcohol recovery. We are built on our overriding principle that everyone is entitled to rehabilitation and a full recovery, Peace by Piece offers all that is needed to cleanse the body, sooth the emotions and rekindle the soul. Peace by Piece is clearly a haven where any troubled and afflicted individual can “solve” their puzzle and put their life back together again.



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